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Our story

Fascinated with healthy eating

At BlendyGo, we are passionate about eating well. We spend our free time coming up with new ideas for quick, tasty and healthy meals. We wanted to share our love for health and wellness with others, and that's why we created the BlendyGo portable blender. Over the past four years, our goal has been to reach like-minded individuals who share our passion for healthy living.

4 years

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May 2019

Brand origins

In 2018, we started working on our first model of BlendyGo portable blender. Thousands of people quickly saw its potential, and by May 2019, it was a huge success. The community showed incredible enthusiasm and shared delightful cocktail recipes on social media, inspiring each other. As a result, BlendyGo quickly became the choice of over 50 thousand customers.
September 2019

Our first fitness fair

After a couple of busy months, we had the chance to meet our customers and the fans of the fitness industry in person. At our booth, people could try out the initial BlendyGo blender model. We were thrilled with the interest and many queries about the cordless blender that we received during the event.
September 2021

BlendyGo 2 Premiere at fitness fair

BlendyGo 2 was a big step forward for our brand and an upgrade from the previous model. The BlendyGo 2 Blender surpassed the success of the first model, with over 100 thousand satisfied customers. We spent two years gathering feedback from customers and turned it into increased power and cup capacity.
November 2022

BlendyGo at the Stadium

In November 2022, we announced our annual Black Friday event at the Stadium. This opened up an opportunity for many of you to join our satisfied client group and become owners of the BlendyGo 2 blender. The event was exciting and you could follow it on our Social Media.
May 2023

Honorable Mention during "Benefactor of the Year" gala

Thanks to our participation in a charity event, our company received the "Benefactor of the Year" award. The whole team was thrilled to hear that BlendyGo's mission now includes more than just promoting a healthy lifestyle in society.
September 2023

BlendyGo 3 launch

Our company created the most advanced portable blender in the world. It is our latest and most exciting event. We designed it. We patented it. We have been preparing it for months. Finally, we can present something that is special on a global level.

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The BlendyGo team is first and foremost the people who put in the effort every day to show our product to the world, and to make sure each order is carefully packed and delivered. It's also the customer service that makes sure all your questions and concerns are answered. Get to know our team better!






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